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Community Association

The Rocky Ridge Royal Oak Community Association (RRROCA) is a vital organization that effectively acts upon the common interests and concerns of the community's diverse residents. Membership in RRROCA is separate from The Cascades in Royal Oak Residents Association.

The City of Calgary

The City of Calgary 's 3-1-1 Operations Centre provides citizens with direct access to City information and services 24/7.

More than a phone number, 3-1-1 uses state of the art technology to co-ordinate and assign work orders to field staff in 30 business units. Requests, whether fixing a pothole, requesting a building inspection or reporting a missed garbage pick-up receive a tracking number guaranteeing that the work order gets logged, gets to the right place, and gets done on time.

Residents are encouraged to call to voice their concern about areas needing attention within their community.  Calls can include: reporting damaged trees, traffic issues (parking, speeding), playground maintenance, weed control on City owned property etc.

City of Calgary Snow Route
The purpose of this program is to support snow plowing operations by removing vehicles from the streets, allowing crews to clear snow from Calgary roads more efficiently and effectively. Parking will be temporarily restricted on designated “Snow Routes” for 72 hours following a declaration of a Snow Event by The City. Snow Events will be declared when five centimeters or more of snow has accumulated on city streets.

Click here for a map of the Snow Routes in the Cascades in Royal Oak. (Please be sure to always check the City of Calgary website for any changes as it will always be the most up to date source of information)

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