Delayed Waterfall Startup

21 Jun 2012 10:30 AM | Anonymous member
Our waterfall is finally up and running. Sorry for the delay from the originally planned Monday start up. They ran into breaker issue trying to get the pumps started. Landscaping will be completed shortly and I'll post a timeline as soon as we get it from the landscapers. For all of you wondering why everything was delayed so much this year, it is directly tied to our investigation to take over the maintenance of the city parks in our area. These parks are horribly maintained and make up the vast majority of our parks. After the very lengthy process of getting bids through the city it became apparent that we would not be able to do this without significantly increasing area fees. We then had to initiate the tender process again for a new scope of work and we selected the new landscaping company a few weeks ago. They just finished major repairs on the waterfall (cracks, electrical, pumps) and all of the park irrigation systems and are about to start the plants and cleanup up of all of the beds. The neglect by the past landscaping company and the poor construction of most of the infrastructure by the original developer meant we had to spend a lot of time this year to make things right. We'll have more detailed info coming in July with our Q2 newsletter. Thanks for your patience.
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